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matching tattoos Are you looking for the perfect matching tattoos to represent your love to your partner or soon to be wife? Saying “I love you” in a more convincing way is never been better than getting yourself and your partner inked with the perfect couples tattoos. Needless to say, lovers indulge themselves in several kinds of activities, even crazy things, for the name of love. Adding matching tattoos to your relationship is one way of boosting your intimate relationship. In fact, tattoos can make you look sexier, more romantic, and younger. This is a lovely activity that you and your partner can be creative, more serious, and more intimate. Matching tattoos can certainly be an addition to your romantic feats!

Couples tattoos can be anything from a symbol of a heart, a knot that represents the strong bond between two lovers, or a simple symbol of infinity that emphasizes the lovers’ everlasting love for each other. You can have several tattoo designs ideas for this type of matching tattoos. Here are a few that you might be interested:

The Cupid Couples Tattoos

The cupid tattoo is a classic but popular tattoo design which is still widely used these days. It represents the Roman God of Love who is typically seen resembling a cherub, carrying a bow and arrow. The cupid uses the arrow to shoot people. Anyone hit by the cupid’s arrow is instantly under the effect of the love spell and finds himself loving someone.

The Sexy Lips Couples Tattoos

A tattoo design resembling sexy lips could mean several things but it mostly represents love and passion. Lips are used for kissing, a romantic physical exchange of passionate feelings. Couples tattoos that are designed into sexy lips are perfect for partners who have the burning passion of love and intimacy. This symbol usually depicts a physical passion and intimacy. Lovers who are fond of showing their physical love usually find themselves liking the sexy lips couples tattoos.

Heart Couples Tattoos

The heart is a universal symbol of love. For matching tattoos, the heart design can be modified into several ways to suit your needs and preferences as well as your partner’s. It can be resized into a big or smaller design. It is typically colored in red to strongly represent the love of two partners.

Textual Couples Tattoos

These couples tattoos are usually lyrics of the partners’ favorite music or a particular love quote that both of them love. Textual tattoos can be anything from a single phrase or a sentence that represents the two lovers’ intimate commitment for each other. A popular example of these is that of Victoria and David Beckham.

There are unlimited designs of matching tattoos that are generally used for the perfect couples tattoos out there. The ideas mentioned above are the most popular ones. Other couples tattoos designs are simply modifications of these designs.